The occultation of a star by asteroid 2008 SP279 - 09 November 2021

This time I captured occultation of Jupiter Trojan. Probability was only 1.8%. And positive. Another occultation had probability over 98% and was negative. It is sometimes horrible. The occultation was with short reappearance the target in the middle of the occultations. According to Eric Frappa (thanks him for his help) it is asteroid with peanut shape and target star is a double star. So it was amazing.

The map with predicted path:

Light curve from video record.
The begin of occultation was at 19:12:7.36 UTC +/- 0.030s; end at 19:12:8.07 UTC +/- 0.030s. Total duration is 0.710s +/-0.030s.