The occultation of a star by asteroid 2000 RF76 - 11 September 2023

This cover is exceptional. It is double. Two drops were caught. Either it is a double body or it is the surface irregularities of one body.

The map with predicted path:

Light curve from video record.
The begin of occultation No. 1 was at 22:35:22.729 UTC +/- 0.009s; end at 22:35:23.661 UTC +/- 0.009s. Total duration is 0.932s +/-0.012s.

The begin of occultation No. 2 was at 22:35:23.776 UTC +/- 0.010s; end at 22:35:25.047 UTC +/- 0.010s. Total duration is 1.271s +/-0.012s.


Grtulujem ! Vidieť, že šťastie praje pripraveným.... :)

At time: 2023-09-13 07:09:29