The occultation of a star by asteroid Laurentia (162) - 28 February 2013

Next positive asteroid occultation.

My observation was rather complicated due to a combination of low target star altitude and mist illuminated by Moon light. At first I was trying to use the analog camera Watec 902H Ultimate but the star was out of reach of my equipment. Approximately 20 minutes before the occultation I had to exchange the analog camera and use QHY5. This one allows to set exposure time. After a quick focusing and solving unexpected technicals problems I run recording just a few seconds before the occultation.

The map with predicted path:

The begin of the occultation was at 03:07:14.9 UTC +/- 1s; the end at 03:07:18.8 UTC +/- 1s. The whole duration was 3.9s.

It is a pity I was not able to achieve a higher accuracy.