The occultation of a star by asteroid Thisbe (88) - 14 January 2016

The first positive astreroidal occultation this year.

Prediction was talking about 100% probability but weather was not stable. I found the target star approximately 1 hour before the occulation time. I was observing the target start from my chalet using remote desktop but video stooped suddenly. It was only about 5 minutes before occultation. 'Hurry, hurry!' - these words were in my head. I managed to restart recording software just in time. I was lucky and happy as well.

The map with predicted path:

Light curve from video record.
The begin of occultation was at 19:12:59,233 UTC +/- 0.02s; end at 19:13:13,729 UTC +/- 0.02s. Total duration is 14,496s +/-0.04s.