The occultation of a star by asteroid Herrick (1579) - 01 January 2013

The first day of the new year was sucessful for me due to next positive asteroid occultation.

The autumn was awful. There were too many cloud days and I was able to make only a few observing. And these were negative ones. Today I went to my observatory with my son and we try to catch a glipse of dark together. Sucessfully.

The map with predicted path:

Light curve from video record.
The begin of the occultation was at 17:32:32,138 UTC +/- 0,02s; the end at 17:32:38,4583 UTC +/- 0,02s. The whole duration was 6,32s +/-0,04s.

My new equipment for occultations works perfectly.

Update 31 January 2013:

Technical information:
Optics:Newton 36cm
Mount:open fork
Camera:Watec 902H Ultimate +
Precision GPS Time Video Overlay Unit (1 PPS)