Nebula NGC 7635 (Bubble Nebula) - 02 September 2011

The Bubble Nebula is situated near the constellation Cassiopeia. This object is being created by very hot and a massive star that is approximately 40 times more bigger than our Sun. The star and Bubble nebula around it is about 7,200 light years from our planet.

Technical information:
Optics:Newton 36cm + Paracorr
Focal:1725mm (1500mm*1,15 due to comacorrector)
Aperature:02 September 2011 from 19:31 UTC +
03 September 2011 from 22:29 UTC
Exposure:20x10min Halfa + 24x5min RGB
Location:Central Europe, Slovakia, Cadca, village Zakopcie
Software:SubRaw + Photoshop
Camera:modified Canon 350D