Galaxy M101 (Pinwheel Galaxy) - 05 March 2011

The M101 Galaxy (also known as Pinwheel Galaxy) is one of the best beautiful spiral galaxies. However, only core is quite symetric. After longer exposures you can see that it is unsymetric. The distance from the Earth is about 25 million light years and you can find it in the constellation of Ursa Major.

Technical information:
Optics:Newton 36cm + Paracorr
Focal:1725mm (1500mm*1,15 due to comacorrector)
Exposure:12x10min binning 1x1 filter L
Date & time:05 March 2011
Location:Central Europe, Slovakia, Cadca, village Zakopcie
Mount:open fork
Camera:SBIG STL 11000M