Planetary nebula M27 (Dumbbell) - 31 August 2010

After two years I have come back to this amazing object. I spent two nights observing the Perseids during capturing photos. They were perfect.

Technical information:
Optics:Newton 36cm + Paracorr + Baader UHC-S filter
Focal:1725mm (1500mm*1,15 due to comacorrector)
Exposure:14x5 min + 23x5 min
Date & time:12 August 2010 from 20:15 UTC + 11 August 2010 from 20:35 UTC
Location:Central Europe, Slovakia, Cadca, village Zakopcie
Atmosphere:clear sky
Pointation:own autopointer + webcam Logitech Pro 4000
Software:ImagesPlus + Photoshop
Camera:modified Canon 350D