Markarian's eyes (NGC 4438, NGC 4435) - 28 April 2008

Two galaxies looking at you - it is part of good-know Markarian's chain. This part is called The eyes or Markarian's eyes.

The galaxy on the left is NGC 4438 and the other one is NGC 4435. These galaxies are interacting. The shape of the NGC 4438 is very interesting. The distance is about 40-50 million light years. Original shape of left galaxy had been likely spiral but was damaged by other galaxies long ago. It is strange, isn't it?

The picture was taken at Mr. Murin private observatory

Technical information:
Optics:Newton 610/3000
Exposure:L:R:G:B 80:30:30:30 min (10-minute sub-exposures)
Date & time:28 April 2009 from 21:10 UTC
Location:Central Europe, Slovakia, Oravska Lesna
Atmosphere:clear sky
Software:DSS + Photoshop
Camera:SBIG STL 11000M
Contents:The picture was taken at Mr. Murin private observatory