Nebula IC 1805 (Heart) & IC 1848 (Soul) - 05 September 2008

These two nebulas are known as double nebula. The shape of heard gave a name to larger one. The other is called Soul.

I spent two perfect nights with capturing of these faint nebulaes. After that I spent many hour with processing of pictures. I hope you like it. If so (or not), leave some message about it at bottom of this page.

click the picture for high resolution

Technical information:
Optics:Canon 70-200 F4 L USM + Baader UHC-S filter
Exposure:45x10 min (total time 7.5 hours)
Date & time:05 September 2008 from 21:50 UTC +
06 September 2008 from 20:45 UTC
Location:Central Europe, Slovakia, Cadca, village Zakopcie
Atmosphere:clear sky
Pointation:autopointation with Logitech Pro 4000
Mount:home made
Software:Subraw, DSS, Photoshop
Camera:modified Canon 350D
Contents:click the picture for high resolution