Nebula Sh2-276 (The Barnard's loop) - 09 February 2008

Red loop around Orion's belt - this one of the largest emission nebula in the sky. I tried my modified camera on it. Look at the result ...

Technical information:
Optics:Pancolar 50/1,8 + Baader H-alfa 45nm filter*
Aperature:5,6 (RGB); 2,8 (H-alfa)*
Exposure:4x90s (RGB) + 40x120s (H-alfa)*
Date & time:09 February 2008 from 22:00 UTC
Location:Central Europe, Slovakia, Čadca, hill Briava
Atmosphere:clear sky
Mount:Astro-3 + EQ-2M motor drive system
Software:Subraw + Photoshop
Camera:modified Canon 350D